SamaraScents Summer Candle Collection

Hello Summer?

It seems like Summer just got here and at the same time like it’s almost over! While the heat waves move through the country we’re just enjoying the outdoors as much as we can as a family. Our best Summer memories involve beaches, pools, the tropics etc. When designing our Summer collection of candles and wax melts we kept these things in mind!


Candles and Wax Melts


Rum Punch smells just like the classic drink! For a quick escape to the tropics burn this! We use this scent in the main areas of our home - living room, kitchen, and dining room. This is a nice scent to smell while working as well!


Mango Smoothie reminds us of a tropical drink we’d like to enjoy on the beach! We use this scent mainly in the kitchen but you can use it anywhere you would like to channel #vacationvibes


Coconut Lime Verbena is a classic fresh scent and is our kitchen favorite. This is the perfect after dinner candle or after cleaning candle. 


Renew is an energizing scent with notes of pineapple and sage is the perfect pick me up when you need it! We like this one for getting ready to go out or motivating us to get through the day!


Tropical Explosion is a citrus blend includes grapefruit for extra sweetness. We like to burn this in the kitchen but will also reach for it whenever we want a nice sweet smell.  


Berry Bliss is a mouthwatering scents of strawberry and guava come together to for a tropical blast. Liven up your space with this summery scent. 


Fresh Linen is just that fresh! Fresh and airy, this scent reminds us of fresh line-dried linen in the summer. Scents of powder and florals freshen up your space. This is the perfect bathroom or laundry room candle!


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