Welcome to the World of SamaraScents

Welcome to the World of SamaraScents

Welcome to the world of SamaraScents! We are currently a company of 2 - myself and my daughter Samara. It is Samara who fell in love with candle making at the age of 7 and took me along for the ride. I am a mom who loves to craft and taught my daughter my hobbies. She is a now 10 year old entrepreneur showing me the way as I never thought of actually selling our crafts. 


It’s hard to believe that at this time last year we were testing a new wax and planning the overall look and feel of our brand. In June, 2021 we started selling our candles at Markets and Pop Up shops in NYC and Long Island. Many of our customers we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person and it turns out that we needed you as much as you needed us. We’ve been so inspired by your stories and your accomplishments, your ups and your downs and we’ll always be cheering you on. 


We have been no strangers to the supply chain issues and thank you for your patience while we’ve changed gears and learned how to navigate in these uncertain times. At the time that I’m writing this we are working on yet another packaging change as the current packaging we use is scarce. You can see some of our looks here. We have to ask you who wore it best? 


Valentine's Day Candles


Welcome again, we’re really glad you’re here. 


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I LOVE all of the sccents they are amazing!! Love helping out small bussnesess!!


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