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Reset Room + Linen Mist

Reset Room + Linen Mist

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About this Mist:

Allow the Reset Room + Linen Mist to create a relaxing home that will help you unwind and create a calm atmosphere. The combination of sage and lavender provides a soothing, aromatic scent that helps to reduce stress and promote rest. Spray it on your linens, pillows, and in any room to leave a calming scent and a peaceful atmosphere. The grounding aroma will help you find a moment of peace and relaxation. Enjoy the calming effects of this mist and let it help you reset and recharge.





Reset, refocus


Fragrance notes:

Sage, Lavender



Net Weight 4 oz, 113 g


How to use:


Use to freshen up rooms, furniture and any other spaces

Shake well before use

For fabrics and furniture - always perform a patch test first when using on a new surface. Hold 6 inches from the surface and spray

For rooms and larger spaces - mist in the center of the room 

Always spray away from the eyes and face

Do not spray directly onto heat sources, flames or furnishings

Keep out of the reach of children and pets

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